by Brasco Noir

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An ongoing collection of single verses not related to any particular project


released February 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Brasco Noir Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Dead Wrong Freestyle
For cash I’m a carrier, like atm
Or Hpv. I trail blaze like atv
I melt brains like a tv, it’s realness
They minds glued when they see me

Another victory, throw it on my T-A-B
That shit is history, I’m acin it like SAT
By eighteen, already had that arts degree
I been a master for a while it ain’t hard for me

Cause i’m infectious, stickin like that std
It’s mass effective, they passin off that APB
Just wait and see, if half your squad arrestin me
I wish em best, but relatives will wish them rest in peace

It ain’t a threat, when i suggest you keep your pets on leash
My flesh in cheeks, is honestly a test on teeth
I bust a jaw, and then I bust the rest on sheets
The world is too small for another young and restless me
Track Name: Homeostasis
I'm ready when you're not, olly olly oxen
Tougher than I talk, call me Brasco Bronson
Call me Brasco monsoon acid raining on them
Y'all aphrodisiactin you're not attracted to wrong doin

Vicarious criminals dreamin of gettin visceral
To my various digital perpetrations it's pitiful
Carry a chip on your shoulder, trip in a literal
sense of the word. You offended your soul physical

Upended the focus homeostasis givin ya
So that mending the balance and saving face is dismissible
You shoulda never lost it. Your sugar game caustic
Damage enamel so you cannot handle the hotness

I can and did candid camera capture bad apple rotten
Cannot camp on my camelot better walk away with nothing
Or we got something between us leaking toxins
The river was holy water until your body dropped in